Hello dear visitor! You have arrived at Save Point. Yes, this is where you may save your game fans to continue playing collecting at another time. The word fanlisting should be familiar to you, and if not I must insist that my services will be of no use to you. That being said, have you ever experienced the problem of closing a fanlisting, only to have it re-open later with the members list starting from scratch? Then you, my fellow fanlisting owner, have come to the right place.

Save Point is a vault of sorts - a place to store old members lists so that new owners can come take them. There are numerous benefits to doing so: it keeps the fan count more accurate, fans do not have rejoin (in some cases, multiple times!), and it keeps the love for your subject going strong. It also eliminates the need for you to go through an adoption process if you don't like them - new owners will not miss out on previous members lists because they will be available here, in a centralized location.

01 June 2017 - Aurora Spiritalis Organization - Aya

DISCLAIMER: Currently this service is offered to TFL and TAFL listed fanlistings only, though it has no affiliation with either network. This website has no relation and is not endorsed by the networks in any way. Therefore, please do not contact them about it. Any questions, concerns, and comments should be sent directly to me.